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Hi, and a warm welcome to my page.

I believe that you have been drawn to my page for a reason, whether it be to receive a clairvoyant/intuitive or psychic reading, or to receive spiritual guidance and counselling, or maybe it is to receive distant healing.

My name is Kaye, and I work on the emotional and physical levels through channeling healing energies and knowledge, using the gifts given to me by spirit. My readings are focused, extremely accurate and powerful. You will gain clarity around any given situation plus valuable guidance for the future. 

Have a look around the site and please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.

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About Kaye

Kaye has been working with spirit most of her life. She is constantly developing and upgrading her healing and channeling abilities, finding her intuitive strengths and communicating with her Higher self so that she has a wealth of knowledge and skills to draw on during her mentoring, counselling and healing sessions.

Kaye works solely with her heart and this shows through in her readings. Her authenticity and compassion is what makes her a very popular psychic with all the people she meets.

Kaye has travelled extensively through Australia as a travelling psychic and healer, leaving her wisdom, love and inspiration to many. 

Kaye has been inspiring and uplifting people for many years with her posts on her Facebook page.

Kaye has recently become a public speaker sharing her journey and offering spiritual guidance to the audience.

More recently, she has become a published author with a Children's Storybook she has written called "My Crystal Friends". This is a beautiful storybook introducing children to the world of crystals and their uses.

About Kaye


Kaye's readings are clear, insightful and full of amazingly accurate advice. If you are needing some spot on guidance in your life or wanting to know what the future holds for you, then a reading with Kaye is the best thing you can do for yourself.

"I was lost and lacking direction and clarity on my path, so I booked a reading with Kaye and was absolutely blown away by what she told me. She touched on past lives and gave me insightful information to what the future held for me. She gave me clarity around my present circumstances and she also gave me tools to work with for the future

Thank you Kaye for your amazing talents and gifts."

-Belinda Paton  

Readings in person, via skype, facebook messenger, What's App or Phone are all $60 payable via cash NZ Bank Account or PayPal.

Spiritual Guidance Club

Have you ever had a moment that you feel lost, out of sorts, unbalanced or confused?
Would you like spiritual guidance and support to assist you with those moments?
Autumnweaver , her guides and your team of spirit guides, guardian angels and passed loved ones are coming together to offer you readings, guidance, love and support.

If you wish to receive readings, guidance and love, then this is the club for you.

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