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Crystal Salt


“Thanks Autumnweaver for your past life reading, it was right on the money!!! My question was about growing my business in 2012 and what type of blockages that I might have. You told me about a lifetime in a covered wagon where I was selling wares and talking to my customers (like giving them a sermon) about something that I was passionate about which they were not receptive to. This lowered my level of confidence and I no longer spoke but just sold wares from out of my wagon and was left feeling disappointed about not fulfilling my passion. The ironic thing is that this lifetime I have always felt that people would not be interested in what I have to say which sometimes make me not be as aggressive in pursing my business/calling as I know that I should (I am a writer, and lecturer on spiritual laws and relationships, now how is that for a “coincidence?!”). Also, my son has horses and he has two little wooden covered wagon flowerpots and a covered wagon wind-catcher that I always stare at every time I go to his house and I always wondered why I had such a fascination with them! You also gave me some wonderful visualization exercises to do to boost my business and confidence.
Thank you for your reading, you have given me the missing piece that I had been praying for. May the Divine continue to bless you and your business because you are, and have truly been a blessing to me and I am sure to others as well, keep up the good work!!!!!”
Ma’at. (USA)

“Hi everyone just wanted to share this with you all. I had a dream interpretation done by Autumn weaver, she was spot on with what she told me, it was all to do with my job and she advised me what to do. The interpretation was uncanny and so spot on. Thank you once again Autumnweaver xx”
Marti R (England)

“Awesome reading – loved that I could just engage Kaye via email – so convenient & she was SPOT ON – highly recommend. :-)”
Amy S (NZ)

“Thank you so much WOW You are truly an amazing person and everything is spot on. You have confirmed what I have known but afraid to admite… Sorry admit I’m quite stunned and that is not an easy thing to do. Love to you and thank you again.”
Sandi C (NZ)

“Thank you SOO much for an amazing reading. William has found it very helpful and you’ve captured so much of how his thoughts are and have been lately. Also a lot of what is going on otherwise in life. He found it very accurate and has now given him something to think about and will help him push through the last of his study knowing that is it’s not ‘for nothing’ as he’s felt in these last months. He’s already trying to lift his way of thinking!With clairvoyant readings etc, he’s always been on the fence and with this being his first reading, there are definitely ‘things you couldn’t have known’ haha.. so I think you’ve also made more of a believer out of him – he is quite amazed!! All the little details are spot on :)Thank you again , for sharing your amazing gift with us.”
Kirsty (NZ)

“Dear Kaye,


Thankyou so much for my reading.  As always you seem to crystallise everything I am worrying about and help me to think more clearly.
Thankyou for clearing so many things up for me and freeing me to get on with things as you always do.”
With much gratitude and love,
Sal x x    (NZ)

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